Ibrahim Mirzaii’s biography



The Grand Master Ibrahim Mirzaii was born in Iran on 4/10/1939. Since he was a boy, he studied different Martial Arts and became an expert in various disciplines when he was still quite young. His immense passion for Martial Art came to be known by financing a trip to the Far East to study Martial Arts and Oriental Philosophy more deeply with the aim of creating a new martial art from his experience, one that integreted the Persian culture on physical form. Therefore, he founded “Kung Fu To'a” in the 1960’s.
He received a degree in philosophy, a professorship in education in the military school, and he founded the “Faculty of Body and Soul Training”, where he taught Kung Fu To'a and the physiology of human energy. He carried out scientific and physical activities in different schools and universities. Furthermore, he worked in a physical therapy clinic in Tehran, working on patients with uncurable physical problems through his knowledge of the circulation of energy in the human body and hypnosis.
The reason why Professor Mirzaii’s hypnosis was so much effective was surely due to his great charisma. He was able to “pull” and motivate all his students (more than ten thousand in the first year of teaching), who loved him and who still love him passionately. In his teachings, he transmitted the idea of liberating oneself from false necessities, of raising the popular cultural level and creating the necessary instruments for the evolution of the lower social classes as well, and build a harmonious system where progress is related to human necessities and values, opposing a system based on fighting and the deliberate neglect of legal responsability, a system in which a few get the power and wealth and foment wars while the impotent masses can only look on. The young Mirzaii began a military career in the Iranian army, becoming an officer in the Air Force. He participated in a number of courses: regular combat technique, special air force corps, free jump, advanced courses in special missions, irregular and guerilla combat tactics; instructor’s course in parachuting ( where he reached the three-star level), special course in mountains and trees, a desert operations course, information wars, surviving in harsh conditions, amphibious operations on land and see, rescue operations, and a course for “Rangers”.